You Are Somebody

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14 KJV

It seems as though some people set a goal in life to keep others down. Some people will always find fault in what you do dispite your best efforts. No matter how hard you work, no matter the obstacles you’ve overcome, they will overlook your accomplishments and highlight your failures. They will look past the good to seek out the bad. 

Have you ever tried your very best to live out your aspirations, your dreams, or your ideas, only to hear that you should have done better or that you did not do well?

Yes it’s true! Sometimes the people who you expect to lift you up will find a way to pull you down. Every now and then that person you look to for encouragement is the very one who sets out to break your spirit. Let me offer this encouragement:

Don’t worry about being the best, just try to do your best.

  • Why is it that we get so jealous of one another? 
  • Why are we so competitive with one another? 
  • Why do we focus on being the best instead of doing our best?

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Our Christian duty compels us to encourage others. We should not make a point to put people down. I encourage you to get around people who push you to be your best. Surround yourself with people who want to see you happy. Deal with people that are not afraid of sharing the keys to success with you.

Never let people drain you of your joy. Never let people pull you away from the almighty God. Anybody that constantly causes you pain does not deserve to be in your space. Don’t be surprised about the people you have to deal with from a distance. Respect your worth because God has made you to be somebody!

The world is so competitive today. Some people feel that it’s all about them. Everything and everyone who is not like them is considered beneath them, and because of who they are and what they’ve done, these people feel that they are better than you. They feel that their social status makes them better than you or that their financial stability gives way to prestige.

I encourage all who are reading this to hold on to your dreams God made you, and You Are Somebody!

  • What happened to the spirit lifting life encouraging words from others?
  • What happened to the inspirational words that motivated and stirred up the soul?
  • Why is it that when we make it to the top we look down and never reach down?

If you are living out your dream, you should take just a little time to help someone with their dream. Remember, somebody helped you with yours.

You never would have got to where you are now, if somebody didn’t help you with your dream. Somebody encouraged you and talked with you, they opened your eyes to new things that you didn’t even see in you, and you were able to pull yourself out of your depressed state and walk in the newness of life. You looked in the mirror and said “God has made me to be who I am, and I am somebody.

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See in order to really live out your dream you have to help someone else with their dream. If I want to get mine, I got to help you get yours. So when you get tired I’ll push you up, when I get discouraged you pull me up. It don’t matter who make it to the top first, because we both have dreams and we both belong to God, and we’re both somebody!

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