When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. – Mark 5:27-28 KJV

Never underestimate desperate people. you don’t know how far they will go to get what they want. – Anonymous

photo of man with hand on his head in the dark

Life has a reputation of taking us into places and situations that are unexpected. In those times we find ourselves stuck in what seems like an eternity of oppression. For many of us our problems seem to hang around so long they cause us to ultimately seek the aid of anyone or anything without prior approval or verification. No matter how foolish it may be, our urgency to be relieved of what we think is a hopeless situation will cause us to make reckless decisions. When we use such carelessness in our decisions the dictionary tells us that we are desperate.

A Desperate Escape

News reporters captured a photo of a group of immigrants that were drifting on coastal shores in refuge, trying to make landfall into the United States. The video reviled what seemed to be 100 plus people floating in a small fishing boat. No room to lie down, no room to carry food or other necessities, no room to be comfortable nor to be seated. They traveled thousands of miles in a small boat because they were desperate. These people were traveling in a small fishing boat across the mighty ocean to claim freedom from their oppressed state and to live in liberty.

They could have been killed or imprisoned for leaving their pagan countries in such a way. They could have even been swallowed by the tides of a raging sea. They could have been killed or even face imprisonment when they arrived on U.S. shores. But no matter the consequence, anything that could improve their current situation was worth trying cause they were desperate!

The criminal characters of one of my favorite shows (Cops) perform many criminal acts. And when they get caught they will lie until the end because they are desperate. Sometimes they even initiate high-speed chases that endanger their own lives and the lives of others. I have seen them flip a car and walk out without a scratch on their body trying to evade a misdemeanor charge simply because they are desperate.

The Hard Reality

When it comes to money, we have all been desperate. Like when we waste our finances in a foolish manner. And as soon as we get into a financial bind, we borrow from the bank, we use check cashing services, we take out title loans, and incur inflated interest rates simply because we are desperate.

Readers, desperate times can be hard to deal with. Desperate times can be hard to cope with. And there’s somebody reading this blog today that’s just like me, and have been in some desperate situations.

There are many situations that cause us to be desperate, and the truth of the matter is that we ALL at some point have found ourselves in a desperate situation. Now you don’t have to save a comment about your business, but I know that there’s at least one reader that can testify that you’ve been in some situations that have caused you so much pain and in those desperate times you had to take some drastic measures.

  • Financial trouble can cause you to be desperate.
  • Sickness can cause you to be desperate.
  • A broken marriage can cause you to be desperate.
  • Problems on the job can cause you to be desperate.
  • A hardheaded child can cause you to be desperate.

And you try your best to resolve the situation because desperate times call for drastic measures.



Have you found yourself in a desperate situation? Have you been dealing with something for a long time and now you’re ready to give it up? Some of us have hidden within ourselves hurt, pain, sickness, and brokenness far too long, when all it takes is an act of faith to heal that situation.

One thing I like about this woman is that even though she was sick for so long, she never gave up. Some people give up when they don’t win. Some people get tired of the fight, but this woman has proven that when you need something from the Lord it’s ok to be Desperate.

For twelve years she suffered and when you’re suffering everyday seems like an eternity. Twelve years equates to 4,380 days of suffering, but that did not matter because she had made up in her mind that if she could just touch the robe of Jesus everything would be alright. The Bible says that straightway, in other words right then or immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up and she was healed of that plague.

You too can be healed of your situation. You don’t need to set an appointment, there is no need to take the day off. The act of this womans desperation is commendable, but the key to her healing came by faith. Do you have enough faith to give your situation to Him?


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