Don’t Wait!

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. – John 9:4 KJV


This is one of the most practiced actions in the entire human race. I’m sure that everyone has, or at least knows someone, who procrastinates. It’s easy to put off our responsibilities or tasks for another day. Sometimes a task can be delayed for so long until it’s either forgotten or no longer serves a purpose. We often use that famous excuse, “I’ll get to it”, but what we really mean is that it can wait until later. God requires us to work, He has given us tasks that bring glory to Him, which is the priority of our being, it draws us closer to Him. My dear friends, procrastination will get us nowhere.

Work At Work

I recall the statement a former coworker as he instructed his staff members, “work while you’re at work”. He was telling his people that your work begins at the start of your shift and continues until the end. His expectation was that outside of their scheduled breaks, the priority is to be productive.

The scripture tells us to work while it is day. This does not refer to the interval of light between two successive nights, but it refers to the time between the sunrise and sunset of our lives. While it is day suggest that we utilize our time in the best way and to His glory.

Don’t Wait

The cemetery is full of people who, if given another chance, would live out there lives to work in God’s vineyard, but for them the night has already came. Beloved, we can be assured that our night is coming. On that day when our eyes are closed, never to open again in this life, when our tongue is glued to the roof of our mouths, when the life that we know of down here is over. That’s when our nigh has come, and we won’t be able to work anymore more.

Friends, don’t wait for tomorrow because it is not promised. Find work to do and do it now!

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